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  • 0405S Heavy Duty Overlocker + Free Freight
    This overlocker is a must-have because it sews and finishes seams at the same time while trimming away the excess seam allowance. Seams and seam finishes ' just like you see on store-bought garments ' are possible thanks to the overlocker. You can use 2 threads, 3 threads, or 4 threads for a variety of stitch combinations. Sew those narrow hems on napkins, or stitch up a knot top with seams that stretch with the fabric without popping. Sew a decorative edge around a fleece blanket for an extra bit of flair. You'll love the professional results your overlocker gives your projects.
    NZ$ 999.00
    NZ$ 799.00
  • 14SH754 Overlocker +  Free Freight
    Overlocking is much more than just finishing the edges! There are good reasons to use a modern overlocker in your sewing room: Above all, it gives all our creations an equally beautiful finish, out-side and inside. An overlocker lets you handle all fabric types with ease and precision, even highly stretchable or slippery fabrics. Features - Overedge with 2, 3 or 4 threads - Differental feed system which is adjustable ( an overlock machine should not be with-out is a differential feed system) - Sleeve arm is just like a regular sewing machine - Built-in light - Stitch width adjustment is from 3mm to 6.7mm - Stitch length adjustment is between 2mm to 4mm Machine Weight 5.9Kg Includes - Needle set - 4 x white thread reels - Screwdriver - Tweezers - Spreader for two needle overlocking - Foot control and lead - Instruction manual
    NZ$ 699.00
    NZ$ 599.00
  • 3221 Simple
    The SINGER® 3221 Simple™ sewing machine is an excellent choice for those who want a basic sewing machine. With 21 built-in stitches including a fully automatic 1-step buttonhole, drop feed for free motion sewing, automatic needle threader and a free arm with accessory storage, this machine will help you express your creativity. This machine also includes free accessories to get you started FEATURES & BENEFITS • Automatic Needle Threader – sewing’s biggest timesaver • Adjustable Stitch Length & Width – keep seams strong and prevent bunching on any fabric • 1 Fully Automatic 1-Step Buttonhole – professional results at the touch of a button • 21 Built-In Stitches – essential, decorative & stretch • Quick and Easy Threading – be ready to sew in no time • Free Arm with Accessory Storage –access cuffs, collars and other hard-to-reach areas • Heavy Duty Metal Frame – machine rema
    NZ$ 469.00
    NZ$ 379.00
  • 4432
    Singer Sewing 4432 Heavy Duty Extra-High Speed Sewing Machine with Metal Frame and Stainless Steel Bedplate Extra-high sewing speed of 1,100 stitches per minute gives you professional speed for faster results • Heavy duty metal frame ensures that the machine remains still for skip-free sewing • Stainless steel bedplate provides smooth fabric feed for even sewing • 32 built-in stitches - 6 essential, 7 stretch, 18 decorative, 1 fully automatic 1-step buttonhole • Automatic needle threader is the biggest timesaver Not available for international postage
    NZ$ 799.00
    NZ$ 659.00
  • 4 Machine Bobbins
    Fit most modern Janome models, Singer models and some late Brother models. Pack of 4 Code A14
    NZ$ 2.25
    NZ$ 0.99
  • C430 + Free Freight + Bonus Table
    *Includes bonus extension table valued at $89 FEATURES & BENEFITS 810 Stitches - Basic, stretch, buttonholes and decorative stitches, including 5 fonts for sewing letters and monograms Memory Capability with Editing - Combine stitches and lettering to personalize projects 13 One-Step Buttonhole Styles - Options for various projects, with consistent results every time LCD Screen with Sewing Assistance Guide - Clear display shows your selected stitch, width & length, recommended foot and more Stitch Elongation & Mirror Image - Many stitch patterns can be elongated or mirrored for more creative possibilities Built-in Needle Threader - Effortlessly thread the needle, saving you time Heavy Duty Metal Frame - Provides long lasting durability Speed Control - Set the machine's maximum sewing speed as desired for full control Drop Feed - Feed teeth can be lowered for button sewing, free-motion sewing and more Twin Needle Safety - Reduces stitch width for twin needle sewing to help prevent needle breakage Needle Up/Down - Touch to change the needle's position up or down on demand StayBright' LED Lighting - Provides long lasting, bright illumination of the sewing area, eliminating shadows Free Accessories - Great extras that expand your machine's capabilities
    NZ$ 1,599.00
    NZ$ 999.00
  • Cosplay CP6355M  + Free Freight
    With a heavy duty metal frame and powerful motor for enhanced piercing power, the Singer CP3655M Cosplay Sewing Machine is a true workhorse. Key stitches for all types of fabric, plus an easy one-step button hole, offer loads of creative freedom. An extension table is included, making it super easy to handle those fabulous capes or flowing gowns. Features 32 stitches - basic, stretch and decorative stitches for a wide range of sewing techniques and fabrics. • Enhanced speed and piercing power • Easy stitch selection • Top Drop-in bobbin • One-step buttonhole • Needle threader • Heavy duty metal frame • Stainless Steel bed plate • LED lighting • Adjustable presser foot pressure • Adjustable needle position • Free arm • Accessories Included • Extension table included * Please note this machine does not come with a printed manual but has an online one that can be printed if required.
    NZ$ 859.00
    NZ$ 699.00
  • EM 9305 (Embroidery Machine)  + Free Freight + $50 Voucher
    Get free feight and a $50 Pattern Postie voucher when you buy this machine If you're set up with a sewing machine and want to try your hand at machine embroidery, this entry-level machine is a great addition to your sewing space. Best for: embroidery only (no sewing capabilities) Design positioning ensures perfect placement every time Colour touchscreen for easy design selection An excellent embroidery machine for beginners, the Singer EM9305 produces neat, tight and accurate stitching that creates perfect results every time. This dedicated embroidery machine features a user-friendly design with a large table for easy maneuvering of your projects. Embroider up to 240 x 150mm without moving the hoop, and create stunning results using the in-built software. This machine comes with built-in lettering options and 150 pre-programmed designs, plus the ability to scale, rotate and mirror any images to create exactly what you want. Personalise any project and save your designs to use again and again. Equipped with a colour touch screen and basic design positioning, this machine makes design selection and placement fast and easy.
    NZ$ 2,999.00
    NZ$ 2,499.00
  • HD6605 + Free Freight + Free Table
    Free Extension Table included in sale Time to step up to a heavy duty workhorse? The HD6605C is the best sewing machine for powering through thick fabrics and big projects. Best for: Intermediate to experienced sewists Our favourite feature: 50% more power for thick fabrics With a full metal frame, powerful motor and electronic-enabled features, the Singer HD6605C computerised heavy duty sewing machine is a true workhorse. This machine features incredible sewing speed and enhanced piercing power, enabling you to power through tough fabrics like denim or stitch multiple layers with precision. With all the user-friendly features you expect in a Singer machine, this all-metal electronic sewing machine has a strong motor, over 200 stitch choices and a free-arm design so you can sew hems, cuffs and tricky tubular costume features with ease. Denim, thin leather, faux fur and other tough fabrics are no match for the heavy duty capability of this efficient machine. The HD6605C heavy duty Singer sewing machine is also ideal for quilters thanks to the drop feed feature that allows for free-motion sewing. Quilt amazing freehand designs without jamming your needle, and shift the presser foot to the extra high setting for superior performance through thick layers. Included Accessories All-purpose foot, Buttonhole foot, Blind hem, Zipper foot, Satin stitch foot, 4 x bobbins, Large spool holder, Small spool holder, Spool pin felt, Auxiliary spool, L screwdriver Brush/seam ripper, soft cover, pack of needles
    NZ$ 999.00
    NZ$ 899.00
  • HD6705  + Free freight + Free Table
    Free Extension Table included in sale The Singer HD6705C gives you a choice of over 400 stitches and helps you sew efficiently through thick, tough layers. Best for: Intermediate to experienced sewists Our favourite feature: Big, clear LCD screen With a wide range of basic, stretch and decorative stitches, plus a lettering font for monogramming and stitching text, this heavy duty sewing machine provides loads of creative options for making incredible creative projects. We love the large, easy-to-read digital screen that shows you exactly which settings you've got programmed. Customise your settings right down to the length and width of your stitches for truly personalised projects. The Singer HD6705C heavy duty sewing machine is a great fit for anyone working with leather, denim and thick fabrics, offering superior piercing power to sew projects like wallets, bags, costumes and quilts with ease. And these machines are FAST: Select the extra high speed sewing function to power through 1,100 stitches per minute ' that's 30% faster than a regular sewing machine. Combine this with the tough all-metal frame, stainless steel bed plate and a powerful motor, and you've got a rugged sewing machine that is built to last
    NZ$ 1,099.00
    NZ$ 999.00
  • HD6805  + Free table + Free freight
    Including bonus extension table worth $89 The ultimate in heavy-duty sewing machines, the Singer HD6805C frees your creativity with over 560 stitch applications. The ultimate in heavy duty sewing machines, the Singer HD6805C frees your creativity with over 560 stitch applications and the power to get through heavy fabrics. The best heavy duty digital machine available Ideal for: Intermediate to experienced sewists This heavy duty computerised sewing machine is the cream of the crop, offering the best of Singer's heavy duty machines wrapped into one tough package. With 300 stitches from basic through to the most decorative designs, all the different feet you'll ever need and an extra high speed sewing setting, this machine gives you professional, consistent stitching every time. The top of the range model includes touch button stitch selection, 9 x 1 step buttonholes, 2 different fonts for lettering, and quick and easy threading and tie off, making complex creative projects nearly effortless. Use the free arm mode for small and fiddly areas such as cuffs and tubular costume elements or set the speed control to maximum for long straight runs of stitching.
    NZ$ 1,299.00
    NZ$ 1,099.00
  • Heavy Duty 4411  + Free Freight
    The Singer Heavy Duty sewing machine is a true workhorse. With a heavy duty metal interior frame, stainless steel bed plate, extra-high sewing speed and powerful motor, it can sew through just about anything you throw at it. Convenience features including top drop-in bobbin, fully automatic 4-step buttonhole and drop feed for free motion sewing. 11 built in stitches - 6 basic, 4 decorative + 1 buttonhole 1100 stitches per minute 60% stronger motor than standard sewing machines Stainless steel bed plate Top drop in bobbin with clear view cover Automatic 4 step buttonhole Snap on presser feet Heavy duty metal frame On board accessory storage Free arm offers easy access to cuffs, collars & hems Extra high presser foot lifter Adjustable presser foot pressure control Up to 6mm stitch width Automatic reverse Adjustable stitch length & width
    NZ$ 599.00
    NZ$ 499.00
  • Heavy Duty 4452  Free Freight
    Singer's heavy-duty 4452 sewing machine is a step up from our beginner model, offering lightning-fast sewing at an affordable price. Included Accessories All Purpose Foot, Zipper Foot, Buttonhole Foot, Button Sewing Foot, Seam Ripper / Lint Brush, Edge / Quilting Guide, Pack of Needles, Spool Holders, Bobbins Class 15 plastic L-Screwdriver, Auxililary Spool Pin Felt, Power Line Cord, Foot Control, Soft-Sided Dust Cover. Bonus Accessories Even Feed Walking Foot, Non-Stick Foot, Clearance Plate and Heavy Duty #16 Needles.
    NZ$ 899.00
    NZ$ 679.00
  • Hvy Duty Overlocker  + Free Freight
    14HD854 2-3-4 Stitch Thread Capability 1,300 Stitches Per Minute Differential Feed Smoother Multi-Speed Sewing Superior Fabric Feed System Larger Cutting Knife* Moveable Upper Knife Heavy Duty Metal Frame Color Coded Threading System Pre-Threaded Color-Coded Spools High Performance Motor Twice the Light* Free Arm Sewing Adjustable Tension Adjustable Stitch Length & Width Portable 4 Built-In Rolled Hems Two-Thread Wrapped Edge Overlock Stitch Two-Thread Standard Rolled Hem Stitches Three-Thread Overlock Stitch Three-Thread Wrapped Edge Overlock Stitch Three-Thread Flatlock Stitch Four-Thread Stretch Mock Safety Stitch Standard Accessories Value Added Accessories Warranty NO INTERNATIONAL POSTAGE ON SINGER PRODUCTS
    NZ$ 899.00
    NZ$ 759.00
  • M3335
    Singer M3335 Sewing Machine Features: - 97 Stitch Applications - Quick and Easy Threading - Automatic 1-step buttonhole - Needle Threader - Adjustable Stitch Length and Width - Easy Stitch Selection - Free Arm - LED Lighting Included Accessories: - General All Purpose Foot - Zipper Foot - Buttonhole Foot - Button Sewing Foot - Screwdriver - Seam Ripper / Lint Brush - Pack of needles - Bobbins - Edge / Quilting Guide - Darning Plate - Spool Holders
    NZ$ 599.00
    NZ$ 379.00
  • M3335 & S0235 Combo + Free Freight
    Singer M3335 & S0235 Sewing Machine and Overlocker Combo - free freight inluded M3335 Features: -97 Stitch Applications - Quick and Easy Threading - Automatic 1-step buttonhole - Needle Threader - Adjustable Stitch Length and Width - Easy Stitch Selection - Free Arm - LED Lighting Included Accessories: - General All Purpose Foot - Zipper Foot - Buttonhole Foot - Button Sewing Foot - Screwdriver - Seam Ripper / Lint Brush - Pack of needles - Bobbins - Edge / Quilting Guide - Darning Plate - Spool Holders C0235 Features: - 2/3/4 Thread capability - Differential feed - Free arm - 1300 Stitches per minute - Adjustable thread tension - Adjustable stitch length and cutting width - Built-in rolled hem place - Extra high presser foot lift - LED lighting - Quick and easy threading Included Accessories: - Needle pack x2 size 90/14 - Screwdriver - Tweezers - Allen key to change needles - 2-thread overlock converter - Foot control
    NZ$ 1,298.00
    NZ$ 909.00
  • Quantum Stylist™ 9960 + Free Freight!
    The Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 sewing machine has everything you need and more. Its 600 built-in stitch patterns including 5 alphanumeric fonts and 13 fully automatic one-step buttonholes with exclusive buttonhole under plate, mirror imaging and stitch elongation options give you the freedom to customize your projects.
    NZ$ 1,999.00
    NZ$ 1,459.00
  • SC220 + Free Freight
    The built-in needle threader provides an easy set-up and when combined with the controllable speed and a start/stop button anyone can use this versatile machine. With 200 built-in stitch options and 9x 1-step buttonholes the SC220 is packed full of features to start you sewing at a professional level. With fonts and letters included you can even monogram!
    NZ$ 799.00
    NZ$ 499.00
  • Singer Mannequin
    Sew casual to formal ensembles in no time with our convenient Singer Adjustable Dressform Mannequin. Looking for more professional results with half the hassle? Our dressform mannequin allows you to set necklines, sleeves and collars easily and effortlessly. Perfect for linings, the reliable accessory also allows pattern adjustment before cutting. MODEL 150: BUST 84cm - 100cm WAIST 64cm - 80cm HIPS 86cm - 102cm MODEL 151: BUST 100cm - 116cm WAIST 77cm - 93cm HIPS 101cm - 117cm SORRY NO INTERNATIONAL POSTAGE IS AVAILABLE ON SINGER PRODUCTS Please choose "New Zealand incl Mannequins" as your checkout option.
    NZ$ 499.00
    NZ$ 299.00
  • Steam Press ESP2
    Sleek Modern Design Automatic safety shut-off Pressing area 63cm x 26 cm Adjustable dry and steam settings Locking handle Variable fabric temperature Over 45kg pressing pressure Wide opening for bulky items Full steam press with powerful burst of steam Portable and easy to store Washable ironing pad cover Professional results in half the time of conventional ironing Audio Safety alarm 7 times larger pressing surface than a hand held iron 1 Year Warranty NO INTERNATIONAL POSTAGE ON SINGER PRODUCTS
    NZ$ 988.00
    NZ$ 799.00