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  • Anchor Stranded Cotton
    Anchor Stranded Cotton is a superior 6 strand extra-long staple 100% Egyptian cotton embroidery thread, where each strand can be further divided into 2 single plies. Anchor Stranded Cotton’s pull free skeins allow the perfect length to be “removed” from the skein without disrupting the skein itself. This construction makes Anchor Stranded Cotton particularly versatile across all types of embroidery, making it the most popular embroidery thread around the world. Ideal for cross stitch on various fabric counts, Anchor Stranded Cotton can also be used in freestyle embroidery, canvas work and other forms of counted thread embroidery. Stranded Cotton thread comes in 8 m skeins and provides a brilliant lustre, unique softness and an intense light reflection due to the extra-long staple length of the Egyptian Giza fibers and double mercerisation.
    NZ$ 1.40
  • Embroidery Needles
    Needles 16 x size 5/10 Embroidery/Crewels
    NZ$ 2.80
  • Embroidery Thread Organiser
    Embroidery Thread Organiser Handy Multi Purpose Box Dimensions: (H) 40mm x (W) 277mm x (D) 185mm 17 individual cavities
    NZ$ 14.50
  • Mini Embroidery Hoop   X Large
    Mini Embroidery Hoop XLarge Round 5.7cm x 5 NZ Postage only
    NZ$ 3.95
  • Mini Embroidery Hoop Large Round
    Mini Embroidery Hoop Large Round 4.7cm x 4
    NZ$ 3.95
  • Mini Embroidery Hoop Medium Round
    Mini Embroidery Hoop Medium Round 3.5cm x 3
    NZ$ 3.25
  • Mini Embroidery Hoop Oblong
    Mini Embroidery Hoop Oblong 7cm x 3.4
    NZ$ 3.95
  • Mini Embroidery Hoop Small Round
    Mini Embroidery Hoop round 3cm x 2.5
    NZ$ 2.95
  • Mini Embroidery Hoop Square
    Mini embroidery hoop frame square 3cm.
    NZ$ 3.75
  • Mini Embroidery Hoop Triangle
    Mini embroidery hoop frame triangle 3.7cm x 3.4 NZ Post only
  • Sew Easy Aida Cloth
    Sew Easy Aida Cloth available in White and Ecru 14 count 36 x 45cm
    NZ$ 9.95